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I mention this in the guidebook for the Girls Underground Story Oracle, but was recently struck again by it – how often Alice in Wonderland shows up in one way or another within other Girls Underground stories. In fact, it’s usually a sign to me that I’ve correctly identified them as GU. My guess is that the authors (or occasionally screenwriters) involved are, on some level at least, aware of the archetype they are working with, even if they might not articulate it as such, and recognize Alice as part of the same pattern. I wish I had kept track, from the beginning of my exploration and collecting all the GU stories I could, of every time I encountered a direct reference to Alice: a quote, often, or a character being compared to some Wonderland denizen, or else the protagonist thinking how she feels like she’s gone down the rabbit hole or something of that nature. Alice is clearly the Girl Underground par excellence in many minds – certainly the most famous one – and one they naturally refer back to when their characters follow in her footsteps to some degree. It always makes me smile when she sneaks into whatever GU book I’m reading.

While I came up with the concept of Girls Underground, I certainly am not the first person to notice similarities between some of these stories. Especially between any of them and Alice in Wonderland (which may account for the high number of Alice references in GU books – consciously or unconsciously, the authors know what type of story they’re telling). Here’s a great visual examination of some of the parallels between the movie Labyrinth (one of the primary inspirations for Girls Underground) and Disney’s Alice movie. It’s quite remarkable.


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Celebrate one of the primary inspirations for Girls Underground – Alice in Wonderland – with a holiday down the rabbit hole and through the looking glass! Check out the Alice Days page for party ideas, movie recommendations, and more.

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