amazon1I have chronicled over 250 Girls Underground examples on this blog over the years. I have explored the archetype deeply, and believe that it is much more than a literary trope – it contains spiritual truths, and can function as a map for our lived experiences. With that in mind, and with over two decades of experience as a diviner, I have created the Girls Underground Story Oracle.

Each of the 50 cards in this deck contain either a common plot point or a lesson from Girls Underground stories. When drawn in response to a question, these cards can reveal where you are in your narrative, warn you of pitfalls to avoid, remind you of important messages, and encourage you during challenging times.

img_6718The accompanying guidebook offers card descriptions and interpretations, instructions for the various ways to use the oracle (including for non-divinatory purposes), and an introductory essay exploring the origins and meaning of the Girls Underground archetype.

The Girls Underground Story Oracle is available to purchase in my Etsy shop (with optional extras). There are also listings on Amazon (basic set only) and eBay (includes bag and die).

Please note that this oracle deck is for anyone who feels connected to or inspired by the Girls Underground archetype or the many stories and myths in which it manifests. There is no age or gender requirement for using these cards!


Thank you to all my Kickstarter backers who made this project possible!