“The traffic flow from folklore to fiction and film has always been heavy.”
– Maria Tatar, Secrets Beyond the Door

This list is being constantly updated as I add more examples of the Girls Underground archetype from books, movies, and other media (there are also a few linked on the Fairytales page). Examples below are sorted by type, and then generally in order of my reading/watching them, with the most recent finds at the end. “Honorable mentions” indicate that the example generally follows the archetype but is missing one or more key elements (such as a final confrontation with the adversary). Bolded entries denote my personal favorites.

[This list can also be found on my Goodreads profile. Want even more? See my “To-Read” list for possible as-yet-unverified Girls Underground books.]

I have also assembled a playlist of music and music videos that exemplify the archetype.




Miscellaneous notes: