“She felt removed from everything, a sleepwalker who had stepped off the path of normal life and into the forest where anything could happen.” (Holly Black, Valiant)

My name is Kate Winter. I am a writer, artist and ritualist originally from New England, now living in the Pacific Northwest.  I hold a degree in comparative mythology and ritual from Goddard College, and am the author of several books. My artwork primarily involves masks, puppets, and animal bones, as well as analog photography. My many projects can all be found at BirdSpiritLand.com. (View updates on Twitter.)

I have been interested in these types of stories my whole life, although the idea of Girls Underground first began to form in my mind due to my obsession with the movie Labyrinth as a young teenager. I started noticing how many of my favorite books and movies followed a similar pattern, and thus the theory was born. I have been collecting examples of the storyline and researching its roots in mythology and fairytales for almost two decades.

Some of my favorite authors include Robert Holdstock, Neil Gaiman, Charles de Lint, John Crowley, Katherine Catmull and Holly Black. I especially love the genre of young adult fantasy, which is the primary category of books in the Girls Underground archetype.

If you have suggestions, story examples, questions, or anything else to share with me, please email me.