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Just stumbled upon this fantastic video showing an unboxing of my Girls Underground Story Oracle by Sparkle Divine Tarot (one of my Kickstarter supporters – thank you!). Watch it if you want to get a better idea of what the cards are all about!

ETA: Another video from the same creator (below) includes the Girls Underground Story Oracle in her Top 5 Oracle Decks of 2018! Mine is the first one reviewed, take a look –

“She lives in a fairy tale
Somewhere too far for us to find
Forgotten the taste and smell
Of the world that she’s left behind”

Check out the video for “Brick by Boring Brick” by the band Paramore. Not only are the lyrics very applicable to the Girl Underground, but the video itself is totally part of the archetype, right down to the very end when the girl indeed goes under the ground.

Thanks to reader Sofia for pointing me to this one!

Over the weekend I became quite obsessed with a new music video made by Don Kenn for the song “Out of It” by Danish singer Fallulah. The imagery is absolutely Girls Underground – a girl runs through the forest alone, finds a strange cottage there, enters and finds it set for a party, and spends the night dancing and drinking with several bizarre creatures who come calling, before a conflict sends her running again. (The lyrics are also actually quite on-topic: “I’ll never know what I’m capable of /┬áIf I don’t go where I’m scared to be lost”…)

It’s not the full GU story, of course, but a snapshot that captures the darkness and delirium of a life underground with monsters.

One night, we decided to experiment, playing different dark Girls Underground songs over the video instead of the original music, and each time found that it changed the tone of the film dramatically, with fascinating results. These songs may not, again, seem obviously GU related, but they capture the feeling of the archetype to me. So a few suggestions (with YouTube links if you want to listen):

And while I’m thinking of it, there is another music video that fits the Girls Underground archetype – in imagery and music – quite reminiscent of Labyrinth in certain ways, in fact. It is “Devil of Mine” by The Moulettes, a fairly recent addition to my list of favorite bands:

For the Wizard of Oz fans reading… here’s a great video compiling almost 60 instances in tv and movies of someone uttering some version of the phrase “We’re not in Kansas anymore.” Just goes to show how deeply embedded Oz is in our cultural consciousness.

I would love to see the same thing done with the phrase “down the rabbit hole.”

An exploration of story…

In which I describe examples of the Girls Underground archetype that I have discovered in literature and film. For more information regarding the concept, including its earlier incarnations in fairytales and mythology, visit the pages linked above. Here is a list of all the examples I have covered thus far.

The Oracle

THE GIRLS UNDERGROUND STORY ORACLE - tapping into the Power of Story for guidance and insight. Learn more here.

Alice Days

Celebrate one of the primary inspirations for Girls Underground - Alice in Wonderland - with a holiday down the rabbit hole and through the looking glass! Check out the Alice Days page for party ideas, movie recommendations, and more.


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