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I am selling a large portion of my Alice in Wonderland DVD collection! If you’re looking to start an instant obsession, here’s your gateway – 17 animated, stage, and live action productions of Alice or Alice-themed stories, plus a second listing for 2 with “adult themes” (a 70s softcore porno and a 90s yuri anime). Proceeds will help me buy more tea and mushrooms. 🙂

The Oracle

THE GIRLS UNDERGROUND STORY ORACLE - tapping into the Power of Story for guidance and insight. Learn more here.

Alice Days

Celebrate one of the primary inspirations for Girls Underground – Alice in Wonderland – with a holiday down the rabbit hole and through the looking glass! Check out the Alice Days page for party ideas, movie recommendations, and more.

Your Host

My name is Sarah and I am a writer, artist and ritualist living in the Pacific Northwest. I hold a degree in comparative mythology and ritual, and am the author of several books. If you have suggestions, story examples, questions, or anything else to share with me, please email me.


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