Well, Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase is certainly a case of a titular girl, though to be fair, all of the Nancy Drew books have her name in the title – for all I know, they often fit a GU theme too (it’s been ages since I read one). But still worth mentioning this adaptation, which was a fun little movie.

16 year old Nancy has recently moved to a small town after her mother’s death. Her father has become involved in local politics and they are both being threatened by a man from the opposition.

When she learns that an elderly neighbor’s house is supposedly haunted, Nancy is on the case, along with her best friends (mostly helping remotely). She finds a secret passageway in the house and various methods that someone has been using to fake the haunting and scare the woman into moving. Meanwhile, her father is abducted. Nancy ties the two together and chases after the Adversary, only to find he has a secret accomplice which constitutes a deep betrayal for her.

On somewhat of a side note, the GU plot element of spending time drugged is expressed here by the use of concentrated nutmeg by the Adversary to disorient Nancy and her companions during their time in the “haunted” house. An odd, obscure choice, and perhaps a dangerous one as the psychoactive effects of nutmeg are real, but the perils of using it are not shown or discussed in the movie. As someone who is generally a proponent of entheogenic exploration, let me just say, do not try this at home. Negative side effects of large doses of nutmeg are severe and definitely not worth it.