From time to time I come across something that isn’t really a Girls Underground story per se, doesn’t include nearly enough of the specific plot elements, but nonetheless has a Girls Underground feel to it. Such was Manual Cinema‘s production ADA/AVA. (I was lucky enough to watch it today on the last day they were streaming it for free, but here is the trailer below. I highly recommend it if it becomes available again.)

I saw Manual Cinema’s Frankenstein in person at the end of February and it was stunning. They have a totally unique fusion of shadow puppetry, live acting in silhouette, live music and sound effects, producing a sepia-toned silent film type of experience, but you’re seeing the behind the scenes at the same time as the finished effect. It’s hard to describe, but pretty mind-blowing to watch happen right in front of you.

ADA/AVA is about an elderly woman whose twin sister dies, and her journey into the mysteries of life and death, via a carnival mirror maze. It’s fantastic, both endlessly clever in execution while simultaneously being beautiful and touching. So I dub Ada an honorary Girl Underground (and possibly the oldest one yet!).