Thanks to a reader recommendation, I recently watched the 2016 film The Gatehouse, which despite its low budget and less than stellar acting did tap into some nice folk horror themes and was a solid GU story as well.

Eternity, 10, lives with her father (who in this case functions mostly as a companion), her mother having drowned. They have moved to a strange building that was previously the gatehouse… to something, possibly the forest itself. A monster lives in these woods – or is it a forest guardian, an ancient spirit? Something is killing people, regardless.

Eternity obsessively digs for treasure all over the place, and her mother’s spirit begins to manifest, leading her to uncover a weapon. She wins an ally in her babysitter who has also experienced strange things, and receives guidance from a psychic. Eventually Eternity and her companions discover a secret basement in the gatehouse and venture underground to explore. They think they must prevent the antlered creature from taking the stones that protect the forest, but in the end it is revealed that the real Adversary is human, and Eternity faces off against him alone, and defeats him with the weapon her mother led her to, although she may have lost her father.

(As a side note, this was an okay movie but I just noticed the absurd pull quote on the image here says “All the markings of a Shyamalan epic” which either means the reviewer was on some pretty good drugs, or really doesn’t like M. Night Shyamalan very much.)