I have read and watched some real dreck in the hunt for more Girls Underground stories. The 2017 DTV movie Stickman is not the worst, but there’s not a lot to recommend it either. I am a sucker for creepy spirit creatures who are summoned by unsuspecting children or teens and haunt them to their graves, but…. this one was pretty mediocre and unoriginal. I’m not even going to worry about spoiling it because it’s not worth protecting.

Emma (second Emma in a row!) is in a mental institution for killing her sister and mother as a child, but of course she didn’t do it, it was the Stickman, who was originally invoked by her sister via the standard creepy rhyming poem, and then transferred its attention to Emma once she read that poem aloud. She lives in fear of the Stickman attacking her in her dreams, and must ward him off through drawings each night. (These drawings of the Stickman, scattered throughout the film, are way more interesting and spooky than the actual thing itself, which would have benefited from more suggestive shots and less full-on exposure, being rather uninspired CGI.) Her initial companion is a troubled kid on the ward with her.

When Emma is released to a halfway house, she meets a group of girls who become her new companions, much to their detriment, since when a Girl Underground in a horror movie starts losing her companions, it usually means they die violently. When the meanest of the girls teasingly reads aloud the poem, the Stickman starts coming after all of them, this time in reality instead of dreams. They return to the asylum seeking answers, and discover the full backstory, which includes a retroactive betrayal by that first companion. Eventually left on her own, Emma ends up at the house where it all began, but is robbed of her chance to defeat the Adversary alone, and instead the first companion finishes the job. Which redeems him, I guess (though lots of people are now dead), but doesn’t really give much of a satisfying ending to her story.