Watch Hollow by Gregory Funaro is only an Honorable Mention as a GU story, and doesn’t really stand out among them, but was a fun read nonetheless.

Lucy, 11, lives with her brother Oliver and her father, both of whom spend most of their time and attention on their failing business as watchmakers (her mother is dead). One day they get a generous offer from a stranger to come fix the clock in a strange old mansion and live there for the summer. Soon magical creatures are awakening and insisting to Lucy that she is the new caretaker, and that there is a dangerous evil lurking in the woods surrounding the house, called the Garr, who wants to destroy everything. She must rescue an animal companion, and then her brother, and discover the true nature of the Adversary. She never really ends up confronting him alone, though, and overall just doesn’t play enough of a critical role to make it entirely her story.