61tdcxatixl-_sl160_I Hate Fairyland by Skottie Young is a fantastic, sarcastic send-up of some of the fluffier tropes related to the Girls Underground story, especially the idea that fairyland is a fun, light-hearted place just waiting to welcome a young girl on an adventure.

Gertrude was 10 years old and wished to go to fairyland, and her wish was granted – she plummeted into the depths of a magic portal (going underground, it seems) and arrived beaten and bruised. She immediately set off on a quest to find the key to return home, accompanied by a guide given to her by the Queen of Fairyland. But 27 years later, she still hasn’t found it. And while her body has stayed young, her mind has aged normally, and she is not impressed with the frippery of this magical country and isĀ really ready to get out of there.

SPOILERS While Gertrude battles every creature she encounters in a bloody path toward her key, the Queen is getting sick of this miscreant and trying to find a loophole to the rule that she cannot kill a guest of Fairyland – making her the adversary, but a somewhat understandable one. Eventually, Gertrude allies with a dark lord to acquire enough power to get the key, but at the last minute, just before opening the door, she decides it would be fun to kill the Queen on her way out. She easily defeats this adversary, but with a very unpleasant side effect – by law, she now cannot go home and must become the new Queen instead. And so, like a much, much grumpier version of Alice in Looking-glass Land, she puts on the crown.

(This is the first graphic novel in a series, and I do not yet know if the rest of them will continue the GU theme.)