mv5bmtcznzcyodcwn15bml5banbnxkftztcwmzc1mtuzmq-_v1_Midnight’s Child is a pretty mediocre made-for-tv movie from the early 90’s featuring Olivia D’Abo as the Adversary and a very cute young Elisabeth Moss as the girl she threatens. Since this was recommended to me as a potential GU story, at first I thought it would be the little girl who was the protagonist (especially since she’s the magic age of 7, and her parents are pretty self-absorbed and distracted), but in fact this turns out to also be one of the classic variations with an older, adult “Girl Underground” who is trying to save her child. And, in a way, the Adversary herself was clearly once a Girl Underground. So it’s a trifecta!

From the perspective of Kate, the mother, the au pair she hires to watch her daughter turns out to be using a false identity (that of a girl she actually killed to take her place), but worse, she is grooming the child to be the next bride of a dark entity – they keep saying it’s Satan toward the end, but all the imagery is reminiscent of the Erlking of folklore, which would make sense since the au pair is Scandinavian. This evil nanny seduces her husband (thereby making him a companion who betrays her) and is able to get the daughter right to the point of the ritual dedication, when Kate inexplicably manages to get through to her daughter and husband at the last minute (even though she does almost nothing right, and they were all entranced by the Adversary a moment ago), which somehow defeats her.

But the Adversary was once a child bride of the devil herself, who has grown old enough to find him new girls. One wonders if she might have had her own GU story, the rare kind that ends with the girl choosing to stay with her male Adversary lover.