strangerthingsAfter watching the whole Netflix series Stranger Things last week, it occurred to me that it is at least an Honorable Mention as a Girls Underground story, if you look at it from the perspective of Eleven (i.e., if the story were about her) rather than the boys being the main characters. (Warning for those who haven’t seen it yet, this may be considered a spoiler.)

Eleven has been taken away from her family. She goes back and forth between this world and an otherworld. She has one of those double-adversary situations: there’s the horrible Dr. Brenner who uses her powers for his own purposes (and has “minions” in the form of the other people from the lab who come after her), and then there’s the monster, the thing from the otherworld that eats people. Her companions, of course, are the boys. Eventually, her goal is to rescue their friend. She may have forgotten herself, as she doesn’t seem to know anything of her life (or even name) before she was taken for experiments. And she has a final showdown with the monster.

It’s an amazing show, worth watching on many levels, but it was nice to also see a nod to my favorite archetype in the mix.

ETA: An astute reader reminded me of the name of the otherworld, Upside-Down – while not quite Underground, it has the same connotations, so yet another point of connection with the archetype.