514uLnH9PnL._SL160_I’m only through Season 2 of Orphan Black right now, but it’s shaping up to be a nice Girls Underground story. It even has one of the common plot points (being an orphan) in the title! While actually featuring a number of cloned women (all played amazingly by the same actress), the clear protagonist GU is Sarah, who is pulled into a whole new world of craziness when she discovers her true identity as a clone. She spends the series trying to save her daughter from nefarious and mysterious scientists, along with her clone-sisters as companions, as well as her foster-brother Felix and possibly-not-to-be-trusted Siobhan. They seem to have done a classic feint with the identity of the adversary, first making it appear to be Leakey, but now resolving into Rachel… which makes an interesting GU/Adversary pairing, since Rachel is yet another clone. Will have to keep watching to find out if it culminates in the traditional GU ending.