5110YtNnG7L._SL160_Well, I am pretty sure that Jupiter Ascending is a GU film, although it was a bit hard to figure out what was going on in this mess of a movie.

Jupiter, a young woman whose father is dead and mother is somewhat distant, suddenly goes from drudgery to royalty when she discovers that she is the incarnation of some sort of galactic queen. Unfortunately, her new position also comes with a host of aliens trying to kill her, because she will inherit the planet Earth and ruin plans to harvest humans in order to make a youth serum to keep the ruling classes immortal. The adversary is Balem, intent on taking control of Earth for profit. Her companion is Caine, sent by Balem’s brother Titus to rescue her – sort of, although Titus ends up being a secondary adversary and Caine must defy him to keep helping Jupiter. Like many Girls Underground, Jupiter just wants to go home… which is kind of ridiculous in this case, since the entire fate of the Earth rests in her hands. She also wants to rescue her family, who Balem has kidnapped.

There is a betrayal by one of her companions. There is a temporary return home. There is a final face off with the adversary. Jupiter gets to go home and have a normal life (which she prefers for some reason), with her family rescued, and she gets the guy.