51QHX1P8R6L._SL160_Recently re-watched Tank Girl (not having seen it since the 90’s) and realized it is a Girls Underground story. [Note: this only applies to the movie; I have not read the comics.]

Rebecca lives in a post-apocalyptic wasteland as a rebel fighting the evil rule of the Water & Power company, who are seeking to dominate all the world’s resources. The adversary is Kesslee, the leader of W&P, and his minions are all his corporate underlings. Kesslee captures Rebecca and tries to bring her over to his side, working as his assassin (as many Adversaries try to corrupt the Girls Underground – see for instance Darkness in Legend). But she refuses, is enslaved, and then manages to steal a tank and escape, helped by another woman as her companion. When a young girl from the rebel camp is kidnapped by W&P, Rebecca sets out to rescue her, aided by her new companions the Rippers (genetically engineered mutants who live underground). In the end, she has a final showdown alone with Kesslee, saves the girl, and strikes a blow against the evil corporation.