“How about telling me what’s going on?” / “In a minute, Mom, I have to save the world first.”

Island of Lost Souls is a solid Danish fantasy film that turns out to also be a classic GU plot.

Lulu, 14, has moved to a new town with her mother and brother, and is bored and dissatisfied. Interested in spiritual things, she uses a ouija board to summon any nearby spirits, and accidentally raises a ghost who occupies her brother’s body. With the help of a neighbor boy and an adult expert on psychic phenomena, Lulu begins to uncover a much bigger story behind her misfortune. In the 19th century, an evil necromancer was subdued by a lodge of good magicians, but he has returned and is collecting dead souls in bottles for use in his magic. One of those souls was diverted by Lulu’s ouija ritual, and was one of the original good guys who must now figure out how to defeat the necromancer for good (while in the body of a child).

Lulu travels to the necromancer’s lair on Monk Island and frees the souls, but causes more trouble as they randomly possess all the people in her town. She and her companions are pursued by an animated scarecrow who is the minion of the adversary. She barely escapes the necromancer and returns home briefly – but he steals her mother and brother and she must go back to the island to rescue them.

Lulu’s final confrontation with her adversary not only defeats him, but draws on a hidden magical power she didn’t know about, revealing her to be greater than she knew.