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A reader just sent me a link to this post and I had to immediately share it:

“Creating as the World Falls Down” from Storming the Ivory Tower

The author makes a great case against the stereotypical interpretation of Labyrinth as being about a girl who needs to grow up and set aside childish things (like fantasy). Instead, he posits that the main lesson is about “setting aside self-invented distractions that stop the protagonist from moving forward with her life as not just an adult but an adult with creative agency.” That Sarah must avoid specifically the false fantasies she has designed for herself (both the romantic ballroom scene, and her mundane, materialistic home life) and carve a life (a Story, in fact) of her own volition. I think this is extremely insightful, and also rather in keeping with the Girls Underground concept, since it is significant that GU protagonists have *volition* in their adventures. And of course, I appreciate someone who understands that fantasy is not inherently immature, but is in fact “fundamental to human existence.” Go read the whole article, it’s excellent.