6182X8ZGDCL._SL160_While I mentioned the 1985 movie Return to Oz in my original Wizard of Oz post, I decided after re-watching it recently that it deserved its own entry, much like I did for Tin Man. Based on a combination of several of L. Frank Baum’s books, this movie is much more faithful to the original spirit of Oz than the more famous 1939 movie – for one thing, Dorothy (played by Fairuza Balk) is the proper age! – and is a great Girls Underground example in its own right.

After returning from her first trip to Oz, Dorothy has become troubled by her memories, which of course her aunt and uncle think are only fantasies. They arrange for her to receive electro-shock therapy, but she runs away during a storm and ends up in Oz again, with her pet chicken (who can now talk). They discover that all is not well in the kingdom, which has been taken over by the evil Nome King and overrun by truly creepy minions called Wheelers.

Dorothy discovers a new companion, a mechanical man named Tik Tok who was sent by the Scarecrow to help her. She tries to get information from a supposed princess called Mombi, but discovers she is a witch in league with the Nome King, and Mombi traps Dorothy in her tower. There she meets Jack Pumpkinhead, who was brought to life by a magical powder РDorothy steals the powder to enliven a winged creature they all cobble together from furniture in the tower, and they all escape by air to confront the Nome King.

There, Dorothy and her companions take a tumble down, down underground, where the Nome King informs them that he has turned all Dorothy’s old companions into ornaments in his palace, and they must play a game to try to rescue them. But her new companions fail, and it is left to Dorothy to save all of them, which she does. In a rage, the Nome King tries to eat Jack, but the chicken (who was hiding in his head) lays an egg in her distress, which falls into the King’s mouth and poisons him. Dorothy then puts everything else back in place, returning the Emerald City to its former glory.

She refuses the Queenship of Oz and wishes instead to return to Kansas again (why?!), leaving behind her chicken, who has better sense and elects to stay where things are magical. Back at home in her room, she can see some of Oz’s inhabitants in her mirror, very much like the final scene of Labyrinth.