“‘I don’t want to be in a new world,’ Lillian said. ‘Maybe so,’ the crow said, ‘but you don’t want to go back to the old one just yet, because over there you’re a dead little snakebit girl.'”

The Cats of Tanglewood Forest – written by one of my favorite authors, Charles DeLint, and illustrated by one of my favorite artists, Charles Vess – is an expansion of their previous picture book, A Circle of Cats. It is perhaps just an Honorable Mention as far as GU plot goes (no overall adversary), but it’s a lovely book worth mentioning.

Lillian is an orphan who lives with her aunt on a farm far from anything else. One day while in the forest, she is bitten by a snake. As she lays dying, the wild cats of the woods gather around her and use their magic to transform her into a kitten – something that won’t be dying. With a fox as her companion and helped by other animals along the way, she visits the possum witch to regain her human shape. The witch undoes the events of the day, but with a warning that other things may also be changed – and when Lillian returns, she finds that her aunt has been snakebitten instead, and has died.

After weeks adjusting to her hard new life, Lillian decides to try to fix what she has inadvertently done, although by this time she believes it to all have been a dream. She seeks the counsel of a native elder, who sends her to the frightening bear people, where she serves the elder in hopes she will help her. (There is a man there who is somewhat of an adversary, but she never really confronts him and he’s not the final barrier to her goal.) But when she finds a potion that enables her to talk to animals, they (including her previous fox companion) help her figure out the truth, and she escapes the bear people to return to the possum witch again.

Once more a kitten, and her aunt alive, Lillian must find one more ally to help her return to her human life with everything intact.