513UydbkTyL._SL160_They, directed by Robert Harmon, begins with the night terrors of a small boy named Billy in 1983, but quickly fast-forwards to the present day and focuses on Julia, a graduate psychology student who was close friends with Billy and also experienced night terrors as a child. When he comes to her ranting about a vague “they” who are after him (and have been since his childhood), and then kills himself in front of her, Julia is thrust into a nightmare of her own.

She meets other friends of Billy who all had night terrors as children. All start showing strange marks on their bodies that seem to indicate they are about to be collected by the creatures who dwell in the dark. As Julia goes from skeptical to downright scared, she is betrayed by her other companion, her boyfriend, who believes she is simply crazy and tries to drug her so she will sleep. Julia escapes alone underground to the subway, where she seems to be attacked by the creatures, but then is seen to be fighting off normal people who are trying to calm her down.

She ends up in a mental institution, where she is quickly taken by the creatures to their otherworld, unseen by those trying to help her.

This is really only an Honorable Mention, since Julia doesn’t really do anything to propel her into the adventure, nor is there a singular adversary or any kind of real stand-off between her and her demons. However, it follows the plot enough to be worth mentioning here, especially as it’s yet another horror genre example.