51SFZ5Z3TBL._SL160_Tobe Hooper’s The Funhouse (1981) is another GU story in the form of a horror movie. Amy is a teenager with relatively neglectful parents, who goes to a carnival with a bunch of friends one night. The girls meet an old woman in the bathroom who issues a creepy warning, and things just get worse from there. Amy and her companions basically move through a series of vignettes (somewhat like Alice in Wonderland) where they encounter the freaky characters of the carnival. A fortune teller reveals that she will meet “a tall dark stranger” but this really alludes to the coming adversary, not some future romance.

Amy’s little brother sneaks into the carnival while they are there, and I thought it might be a case of “rescuing a loved one” but her parents come to collect him – however, her brief view of them as they do so could count as a moment of “returning home” while still on the adventure. In any case, the teenagers stay in the scary funhouse past closing time, and witness the murder of one of the carnies by a man in a Frankenstein mask. Turns out the mask is hiding much scarier deformities, and the man is insane – he stalks them and kills them one by one, until only Amy is left and must confront him alone.