51SKLlfcg3L._SL160_The Orphanage, directed by J.A. Bayona, is another horror movie (like In Dreams, Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark, The Dark or Silent Hill) which focuses on an adult GU who must save a child. Laura has returned to the orphanage she grew up in, now closed, with her husband and adopted son. Her son begins seeing a strange child in a mask around the building, and soon after disappears.

SPOILERS  As the identity of her son’s “imaginary friend” becomes clear, Laura realizes there are in fact many restless spirits haunting the orphanage. She goes underground to find her child, discovers that his death is in part her own fault, and commits suicide – only to be reunited with all the orphans forever.

There is no real adversary in this story – the ghost children are frightening, and there is an older woman involved who temporarily seems to be a threat, but there is no confrontation. Therefore I consider it only an “honorable mention”. But it definitely follows the pattern of this adult-GU sub-archetype in every other way.