51Sls3gcv+L._SL160_I previously covered the horror movie Silent Hill here, and its sequel Silent Hill: Revelation is also a GU story (albeit of the more traditional kind, rather than the adult-GU-rescues-child kind).

Heather has been on the run with her adoptive father for years. What she doesn’t know (but discovers along the way) is that she was rescued from an alternate dimension and now the horrifying people there want her back. When her father is taken to Silent Hill, Heather must follow to rescue him. She is accompanied by her companion, a boy named Vincent, who is not what he appears to be. The adversary is the female leader of the Order who wants Heather in Silent Hill.

There is a journey underground, a betrayal by the companion, a confrontation that reveals a fraud regarding the adversary, and a revelation about the protagonist’s true nature, all typical for GU stories. However, other than that, the movie overall was a very poor follow up to the relatively decent original.