51xL+WXZTwL._SL160_Stone Voice Rising by C. Lee Tocci is probably just an Honorable Mention because it sort of falls into the category of “If the story were about her…[SPOILER ALERT] While Lilibit is the center around which all the action of the book rotates, she is not exactly the protagonist; we get into her companion Todd’s head a lot more, and he is the one who ultimately defeats the adversary.

Lilibit is only 6 when the story begins, being raised by her aunts (the fate of her parents is unknown) when one day a man comes to take her away. She has a special ability to speak to stones, and she needs to be brought to a place called Kiva to have this talent harnessed. However, on the way they are attacked, and she is lost.

Now 11 years old, Lilibit arrives at a foster home deeply damaged, having been essentially tortured for years in a medical facility. She only escaped due to a car accident. She does not remember, at first, who she is or why she was taken. She meets Todd and the other foster kids there, and soon they are all wrapped up in her quest, as a freak earthquake destroys the home and sets them free, albeit without any resources. They decide to set out for Kiva together, led by Lilibit’s returning memories and Todd’s strange dreams.

They are pursued by the adversary, Syxx, and his minions. They spend some time underground in a vast system of caverns and befriend the stone people who live there. They are helped from afar by the warrior who initially came to guide Lilibit. As their journey progresses, each of the kids comes into a power of their own and is able to help Lilibit. As I said, in the final showdown with Syxx, it is Todd who accesses his hidden power and destiny and defeats (for now) the adversary, bringing them safely to Kiva. Lilibit is definitely revealed to be More than she imagined, and she does have a classic journey, but little volition of her own other than using her connection with the stones.