41BMCLhCJaL._SL160_InuYasha is a manga series and anime television series. I have only seen the first part of the tv show, which is what I’m discussing here.

On her 15th birthday, Kagome falls down a well and comes out in a different world, which is also the past. Mistaken for a dead girl (who she may be the reincarnation of), she is chased by demons who think she has something they want, a jewel. She releases a half-canine-demon named InuYasha  and subdues him with her own unknown power. He helps her and becomes her reluctant companion. She is also helped by an old woman, who was the dead girl’s sister. She wants to find a way back home, but first she must search for the shards of the jewel that she accidentally broke apart, while fighting off the demons who want to get it first.

That’s as far as I got, but I gather that Kagome acquires more companions, and faces an adversary half-demon called Naraku. And that after getting home, she eventually returns to the otherworld for good. While I realize the series considers InuYasha the main character, it still seems like a GU story from Kagome’s point of view.