“But I’m not interested in power! I just want to get my mom back and go home.”

Amulet is a multi-part graphic novel by Kabu Kizuishi. While it follows the adventures of two siblings, the sister is more prominent and qualifies, I think, as a Girl Underground.

In the first installment, The Stonekeeper, Emily and her brother Navin move with their mother to an old, inherited house in the middle of nowhere, after their father’s death. Emily finds a stone necklace in her great-grandfather’s study, and the stone warns her of a danger to her family. Soon after, her mother is taken by a terrifying creature in the basement, and the siblings go far underground to find her, but the way closes behind them. They then embark on a journey in another world, with the help of the amulet. Emily has been chosen to inherit its power.

They find their ailing great-grandfather in this other world, and he explains a little more before dying and leaving his mechanical assistants to help them. Emily must accept the power of the stone to activate the robots and save her family. They chase after the creature and free their mother (who has been poisoned). Emily confronts the shadowy man who has been chasing them, and it turns out that he wants her and the stone’s power to kill his father, the elf king. He tries to invade her mind but she pushes back against him, and simultaneously against the stone which wants her to kill him.

In the second book, they work to save their mom from the poison, Emily struggles with the dangerous power offered by the stone, and the true adversary is revealed: the elf king himself.

I have not read further than this, but it seems like it will continue in the same GU vein.

“‘You must believe that you are here by choice, and not by circumstance.’ ‘But what if that’s not true?’ ‘You must make it true.'”