As I’ve mentioned before, the movie Labyrinth was the inspiration for the whole Girls Underground concept. I have been obsessed with this movie since I first saw it at the age of eight. As I’m a collector of body art, I figured it was finally time to get a Labyrinth-themed tattoo. But not just a picture of Bowie or goblins, because all of my tattoos are deeply spiritual in nature and this needed to get at the heart of why I resonate so strongly with this film. In the end, I decided on a quote, one that to me sums up the power of Story (which is what GU is all about, really), and the magic of words.

When Sarah starts telling Toby the bedtime story (her own story, in fact), she is looking into the mirror when she relays the goblins’ mandate to “say your right words” – a crucially important lesson for any Girl Underground, or indeed anyone dabbling in the magic arts (or dealing with fairies, for that matter). I decided to get this phrase tattooed along my arm, but backwards, so that it would only appear readable in a mirror. Sort of a nod to Alice as well – a sentence that only makes sense through the looking glass (and I had it inked on May 4, the day Alice went down the rabbit hole). Here it is: