I stumbled upon this terrible children’s religious cartoon on Netflix – it doesn’t appear to be available anywhere else. Much as it seems to fit the GU archetype, I couldn’t bring myself to watch more than one episode.

In Chi Rho: The Secret, 12 year old Cora’s father – a Bible expert – has invented a device called the Cubus Temporis that allows the holder to visit any event in the Bible. When he is kidnapped by minions of The Evil One (being a Christian show, of course the adversary is the ultimate Adversary), who aims to travel through time and prevent the stories of the Bible from ever happening, Cora embarks on a dangerous journey to rescue him.

Cora – whose name, by the way, echoes the Greek word for “maiden”, a by-name of Persephone – is helped along the way by Habib, a young boy from the time of Jesus, and a group of talking animal musicians.

There may be a final confrontation, but I will never know because I can’t sit through a whole series of this.

I admit I was a bit distracted throughout the one episode I watched by the fact that Cora’s magical time travel box looks a lot like the Lament Configuration from (GU film) Hellraiser. That would certainly have made it a more interesting Bible cartoon! Check it out: