“It’s hard to tell time underground.”

I’ve already profiled Holly Black’s Modern Faerie series here, which is excellent. Now Black has a graphic novel series for young adults which also fits the basic GU model: The Good Neighbors (#1 Kin #2 Kith #3 Kind), illustrated by Ted Naifeh.

Rue’s mother has mysteriously disappeared, her father is drowning in his own sorrows, and now she has a new problem: she sees strange creatures everywhere that no one else can see. Her father is arrested for murder, and then the grandfather she never met shows up and tries to control her. In the midst of all of this, she discovers the truth – she can see fairies, and her mother is one of them. Which makes her one of them. What’s more concerning is that her grandfather is planning to somehow take over the city and cut it off from the rest of the world, creating a haven for fairies.

Rue’s companions are her mortal friends and the human Tam who has long served the fairies. She goes underground into a fairy hill to visit her mother. Time is running out. While trying to thwart her grandfather’s plan, she must also save her boyfriend from perilous river fairies who are sucking the life out of him. But this strays from the usual GU plot in that there is never a final confrontation with the adversary, and in fact it is how Rue loses her battle that defines her character, and her future.