The Caller, directed by Matthew Parkhill, is one of the most original and disturbing horror movies I have seen in a long time. It is also a decent example of a Girls Underground story.

Mary is going through an antagonistic divorce from her violent husband. She moves into a new apartment, and soon begins receiving phone calls from a mysterious woman. At first she assumes it’s just a wrong number. But she soon realizes that the woman is somehow calling from the past, and had lived in that same apartment many years ago (in fact, she killed herself there). While Mary’s ex may seem the more immediate threat (as he is still stalking her), it is actually the woman, Rose, who becomes a terrifying adversary. She is clearly unhinged, and when feeling ignored or rejected, quickly figures out horrifying ways to manipulate Mary, even separated by time.

Mary’s few companions are picked off one by one, and this is made even more terrible by the fact that to the rest of the world, they never even existed (since the only way Rose can effect things is in her own time, thereby changing the present for Mary). How do you stop an adversary you can’t even physically connect with? One that died before you ever met them?

When Rose threatens Mary by hurting her as a child in the past, Mary ends up in the common GU scenario of trying to rescue a child – but this time, it’s her own self. Her final confrontation involves both her past and present selves simultaneously, and is quite gripping.