My little obsession here has caused me to read many a book, and watch many a film, that I didn’t particularly like but fit the archetype too perfectly to ignore. (As a side note, I may have to stop doing that and raise my standards a bit now that every other YA novel is some kind of Twilight-y knockoff featuring a dark, sinister male lead that the girl falls for but is scared of – something that seems to fit the story but really just skims the surface – and they are all too awful to read.)

Resident Evil was not a very good movie (perhaps it was a better video game?), not even very scary for a “horror” movie, but it is indeed a Girls Underground story. And they seem to know this, as they use Alice in Wonderland references – the main character is Alice and the artificial intelligence that appears at first as a nemesis is called The Red Queen (manifesting as a little girl, since we all know little girls can be creepy).

Alice begins the story already forgetting herself, and is quickly transported underground to a place called the Hive, where she slowly regains her memories as her companions are killed off one by one by zombies – zombies that were created by a virus that was being stolen, something it turns out Alice is partially responsible for. When it is shown that the Red Queen was really trying to contain the virus (even if it killed everyone inside as a result), the focus shifts to a mutated monster as the main adversary, which they eventually kill. Along the way, Alice is betrayed by one of her companions (a common theme) and ends up trying to save another.

I don’t know if the many sequels continue the Girls Underground theme, but I just can’t bring myself to sit down and watch any of them.