As long-time readers know, for ten years now I’ve been celebrating my self-invented holiday extravaganza, Alice Days. But while I may sometimes take it to a level of insanity few others would dare, there are many other people having Alice-themed parties – especially now that the Tim Burton movie has renewed general interest in Alice. To view some of these creative events, see this post from A Fanciful Twist – in the comments, readers are invited to share links to their own mad tea parties, and many do! Some of my favorite photos:

From “Tea in Wonderland” at Ms. Misantropia

From “Down the Rabbit Hole” at Life is a Beautiful Place to Be

From “Welcome to the Mad Tea Party” at The Doll and the Pea

From “The Mad Tea Party! – My Wonderland Wedding” at Pabkins’ Attention Deficit Crafting

And finally, from the original post at A Fanciful Twist