As I mentioned in my original Wizard of Oz post, the Tin Man tv miniseries is more than just a film version of the story, and really deserves its own post. It takes the basic characters and ideas of the story and makes something fresh and new that is nonetheless still a Girls Underground example.

The girl Dorothy from the books has become a young woman, DG, who lives with her parents in Kansas but feels out of place, and frequently dreams of a mysterious woman who warns her that a storm is coming. When the storm carries her to a strange land, she eventually realizes that it matches the place her parents always reminisced about, and it is in fact the land of her birth, where she truly belongs. But her parents are not her true parents, so for a period she is adrift like a typical orphaned Girl Underground.

DG quickly acquires companions – the muddled-brained Glitch (scarecrow), former lawman Cain (tin man), and empathic Raw (lion). Together with them, she seeks her true mother (the woman in her dreams), but faces resistance from the adversary, the sorceress Azkadellia (the wicked witch) and her minions. She makes the typical GU visit back “home,” albeit an illusory one (making it also an instance of the “forgetting herself” trope), and also consults the wizard, who has forgotten himself quite some time ago.

Things get interesting when DG’s real identity is revealed, as well as her relationship with her adversary and the history behind Azkadellia’s descent into madness. DG must tap into her own hidden powers, and the heritage of her family (descended from the original Dorothy Gale), to rescue the woman who has become her adversary and thereby also save the land. At least in this version, she doesn’t go back to Kansas in the end!