I have plenty of new GU examples to share here soon, don’t worry, but at the moment I’m in the mood to look back at one of my favorites, and the inspiration for the whole GU archetype, the movie Labyrinth. My original post included some links, but I’d like to share with you here a couple videos that will be fun for Labyrinth fans.

#1 Did you know that David Bowie made a music video for “Underground,” the opening song from the soundtrack? And it features some of the characters from the movie! Plus a trippy, very 80’s sequence of him descending underground, done in shaky hand-drawn style. I love it.

#2 Amanda Palmer and friends do a scene from Labyrinth with AFP playing Sarah, a sock puppet playing the Worm, and a guest appearance at the very end by Neil Gaiman as Jareth. It’s ridiculous and low budget and extremely awesome, especially the end, which shows the Worm to be not so nice after all – as I always suspected.

#3 YouTube is also rife with fanvids related to Labyrinth – set, remarkably often, to Evanescence songs for some reason. Here are a few of my favorites. (That last one cleverly uses footage of the two actors from later movies to imply a continuation of the characters’ storyline into the future.) But the one I most want to highlight is this – a hallucinatory, slowed down version of the ballroom scene set to Lacrymosa (the one, of course, by Evanescence, not by Mozart), perfectly timed, and exquisitely conveying the dreamlike sense of time and space that belongs to Fairyland, where many Girls Underground travel: