Glup is an animated Spanish children’s movie – not the best animation or writing I’ve ever seen, but definitely a solid Girls Underground story.

Alicia (a deliberate nod, perhaps, to Alice?) is a young girl who likes to fix up old and discarded objects and give them new life. One day her well-meaning but oblivious parents throw out her vintage radio, and Alicia chases it into the dump truck and is transported far away to the city dump. There she quickly becomes lost, but acquires the help of various animate objects, who are themselves fighting against the evil Mr. Toilet and his minions. This disgusting adversary is rounding up all new arrivals to feed the voracious incinerator, whereas Alicia’s companions dream of the new recycling plant and a second chance to be useful.

Upon arrival at the dump, Alicia finds that she can’t quite remember who she is or how she got there, but the music of her beloved radio reminds her bit by bit of the way home. After rescuing the radio, her next goal is to help her friends defeat the incinerator, and then get back to her parents.