Mirror of Her Dreams

In The Mirror of Her Dreams (and its sequel, A Man Rides Through) by Stephen R. Donaldson, Terisa is a young woman with a dysfunctional family who lives on her own in an apartment covered in mirrors – the only way she feels real. One day a young man, Geraden, appears to come right through her mirror from out of nowhere, and begs her help – and she returns with him to his own world. He becomes her guide and friend. Meanwhile, she is sucked into the drama of a danger that threatens to destroy Geraden’s kingdom. She meets a beguiling man named Master Eremis; she is attracted to him, but doesn’t trust him. He tries constantly to seduce her. Yet she is also developing feelings for her friend Geraden.

Through the two books, the struggle continues, danger is at every turn, and Terisa must understand her own surprising abilities in order to save the people she has come to love. Once she accidentally returns to her own world, but leaves again quickly. At the end, she must face Master Eremis alone, and prove him to be evil.