Now You See It

Now You See It… by Vivian Vande Velde brings us Wendy, somewhat of a social misfit, who feels especially burdened by her unfashionable glasses. One day she finds a magical pair of sunglasses that show her things that don’t seem real: dead people, little winged men, and some of her classmates looking very different. When those classmates come after her and the glasses, she accidentally steps through a portal that brings her to another world. Trying to get home, she accidentally transports herself even further away, into the past, where she meets her own grandmother as a young woman. With the help of her grandmother-to-be, a creature called a spreenie, and a dog, Wendy must first rescue an elf (who has been posing as human) before she can get home. The adversary is never concrete – at first it appears to be a disguised crone, then some rogue elves, and perhaps even a dragon. Not the deepest or best example of the archetype, but it fits nonetheless.