Out of the Ordinary

Out of the Ordinary by Annie Dalton (a great title for a Girls Underground book, by the way) follows Molly, 15, who is ordinary on the outside, but rather extraordinary on the inside. She sees things that no one else can see – magic things – although her distracted mother disapproves. One day, seized by a longing to get away from her normal life, she writes an ad for herself, proclaiming she can break enchantments, face dangers, etc. – and then burns it in the fireplace, realizing her stupidity.

But someone reads it anyway, and they come looking for her, entrusting to her care the young son of a cursed royal family, who she must protect from an evil Magus. Fortunately, she meets an unusual young man who can help her with the task, although at first he knows nothing about it. And she is guided by the daily horoscopes of a woman who turns out to know what she is talking about. Due to the Magus’ evil influence, Molly begins to lose her sense of herself and acts like she is being drugged.

When she loses the boy to the enemy, however, Molly wakes up, and she and her friend must seek out the Otherworld and confront the Magus on his own terms. She must reclaim the boy and solve the riddle of the poem that haunts her dreams.