Monsters Inc

“And leaving the door open is the worst mistake an employee could make because… it could let in a child.”

Monsters, Inc. – an animated film by Pixar – may not seem like a Girls Underground story at first, but I think that from the little girl Boo’s perspective, it fits the archetype. Boo wanders unwittingly through an open door into an otherworld entirely populated by monsters. Too young and innocent, perhaps, to be scared (of anyone besides the particular monster that’s been lurking in her own closet, Randall), she quickly befriends one of them, who becomes her protector. Together they have to thwart the evil monster Randall and his cohorts, who are trying to abduct children in order to extract their screams (thus powering the monster world but killing the children). At one point she even returns to her room and almost gets to go home, but it is a trap. Eventually, she confronts Randall and defeats him.

“She’s not scared of you anymore… looks like you’re out of a job.”