Tooth Fairy

The Tooth Fairy (2006, directed by Chuck Bowman) is one of many horror-genre movies that follow the Girls Underground theme (why so often horror movies? something interesting to contemplate, and possibly to post about in the future…).

Pamela, age 10, and her mother are visiting her mother’s ex-boyfriend, who is opening an inn. She meets a girl who turns out to be a ghost, who accompanies her into the woods. The ghost girl tells her the story of the “tooth fairy,” an evil witch who kills little children after stealing their teeth. She warns Pamela to stay close to home, but she goes out anyway (as usual, a foolish mistake that brings peril) and encounters the witch, who knocks out her tooth and now wants her soul.

A neighbor and guest at the inn both warn Pamela’s mother and the ex-boyfriend, but neither believe them (of course) and they are mostly oblivious to what’s going on (like the typical Girl Underground parental figures) until the very end, when adults start being murdered as well.

Pamela must defeat the witch in order to save her ghost friend and other children whose souls are trapped. She bravely faces off against the tooth fairy and eventually triumphs.

While the protagonist doesn’t exactly enter any otherworld, she does find herself in a physical place away from her familiar surroundings, and in a ‘spiritual’ place (in that we are dealing here with the realm of spirits) that is much different than anything she’s experienced before.