I know, I know, I said seven days, but I still have the rest of today to wait to see the new movie (I’ll be going at midnight!), so I thought I’d put together a post of all the things that didn’t fit anywhere else. So without further ado, a bunch of neat Alice links…

Courtesy of Youtube:
Low-budget short film by Davies Films with a fantastic night-time tea party scene
Another short film by “Women in Motion” with Alice and friends in the subway
Vintage commercial featuring Alice selling Jell-O
Alice montage made with Sims
American McGee’s Alice videogame intro
1970’s anti-drug Alice-themed after school special

Alice in Wonderland Yahtzee
Alice in Wonderland 500-piece puzzle
Alice in Wonderland playing cards with different quotes and illustrations on each card, making them an ideal impromptu oracular system (which I use during Alice Days)!
Alice tea set by Cardew (I have this whole set, it’s gorgeous)
Alice clocks that run backwards!
Eat Me Drink Me salt and pepper shakers (I have these)
Alice in Wonderland chess set
Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland miniature dollhouse book
Alice pillowcases from Urban Outfitters (they also have a nice line of glasses)
Cheshire Cat mug – the cat, minus his smile, disappears when you fill it with hot water (I bought one of these recently, but I actually owned one as a child too – I remember these types of mugs being popular back then)

Alice in Wonderland: An Interactive Adventure
– this website provides hours of fun
Lenny’s Alice in Wonderland site – one of the best out there

I’ll report back tomorrow on the Burton film. So excited!